Friends Theology List Purpose and Guidelines


Theological discussion on this list aims to strengthen the Christian faith of participants, to clarify their Quaker interpretations of that faith, and to help them more effectively to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ through proclamation, fellowship, and service.


1. Friends who participate agree to be guided by the purpose statement as noted above.

2. Participants are Christians who share these evangelical beliefs and others who may not be able to commit themselves to these beliefs, but would like to listen and participate in the discussion within the scope of the above purpose statement.

The evangelical beliefs espoused in this list are:

3. Participants acknowledge that language offers different ways of expressing these shared evangelical beliefs, and that prayerful, interactive, study yields implications and applications that help people know and do God's will. That's why dialogue is valuable.

4. Persons not committed to the shared beliefs on this list are kindly requested to explain briefly their position before participating in discussion.

5. Participants will be guided by Jesus' mandates both for love and for truth in respect to what they say, how they hear, and how they respond to the words of others.

6. Persons wanting to challenge the validity of these shared beliefs, to pose alternative theological premises, or to discuss other subjects should find different forums to do so [as a matter of courtesy and in keeping with Quaker principles of respect for others]. If inappropriate postings do occur, participants are asked to disregard them, or enter into private conversation off the list.

Advisory Board

The friends-theology list has an advisory committee to define the purpose of the list, set guidelines for participation, and address problems as they may arise. To communicate with the advisory committee, send a message to FT-advisors at .